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Here are some actions you could take

by Kathy Sawyer

1. Write your U.S. senators telling them to write a bill taxing the rich, those who make $100,000 a year or more to pay reparation taxes of $5000 a year indefinitely to go into a fund to distribute to Blacks. Reparations to Blacks are way overdue.  Their ancestors gave free labor as slaves, and since then they have been treated unfairly. Many times they are paid less than the Whites for the same job.

2. Look on the web or think what contributions Black people and other minorities have given us. Then write your U.S. senator and representative to write a bill to make a new holiday called Cultural Heritage Day. It would be a day to think and celebrate your heritage.

3. If you are a teacher, take a good look at your history book to see if it covers the bad treatment of and contributions of Blacks, Indians, Japanese, and so many other minorities. If it doesn’t, advocate to  your school superintendent to revise the history books to include that information.

4.  If you know a non-white person capable of doing a leading job in government, industry, teaching or other places that could make an impact, encourage him/her.

5. Write your U.S. senator and representative to study the federal budget and prioritize aid to the people of the U.S. and the world. It is horrible that there are hungry, homeless, jobless, uninsured people. Please cut the budget to the military. We don’t need to be the world’s policemen. We need to fight violence and hatred with love. We need to work with the nations of the world to make this world a better place.

6.  On this MPC Anti-Racism Taskforce website, read the poem Let America be America Again, by Langston Hughes. Read the poem carefully and let it sink in. Then think what actions you can take to make America better for people and the environment.

7.  Help change the color of people in power by your votes, donations and advocacy. 

8.  When you see or hear of an injustice,  contact the person or people who can help bring justice and good treatment. It may be your U.S. or state legislatures, mayor, governor or any number of people. You can usually find their addresses on the web.

9.  Surf the web for This Beloved Community. This is based on Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings.  There are several websites.

10. Write the U.S. Department of Justice and ask them to reform the entire justice system, including police accountability, open-minded police, judges and prison officials, and make it fair for all people of all colors.

11. Write your U.S. senators and representative to write a bill to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

12. Write your California legislators  to end cash bail. It is unfair to the people who can’t afford bail. There are 500,000 people in jail because they can’t afford bail.


2 thoughts on “Here are some actions you could take

  1. Thank you Kathy! I agree, they also connect with the Poor People’s Campaign and with other actions the PC(USA) has taken.


  2. Kathy, these suggestions are wonderful. Thank you. Several of them fit in with the work the Poor People’s Campaign.


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