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MPC Anti-Racism Task Force

A project of the Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland, CA
in our efforts to educate ourselves and become less racist day by day

See below for our daily blog and below that for links to lots of useful resources.

The Presbytery of SF’s 21-Day Race Equity Challenge

21-day-challenge-follow-up-meeting Sunday July 26th 2pm

MPC Response/Discussion Gatherings

Join us in our weekly vigils

Latest from the Blog

When You Pray Move Your Feet

I just finished reading the late great John Lewis wonderful memoir, Walking With the Wind.  At the end of the book, he refers to the old African proverb, “ when you pray, move your feet.”  He then goes on to say “as a nation, if we care for the Beloved Community, we must move our…

Here are some actions you could take

by Kathy Sawyer 1. Write your U.S. senators telling them to write a bill taxing the rich, those who make $100,000 a year or more to pay reparation taxes of $5000 a year indefinitely to go into a fund to distribute to Blacks. Reparations to Blacks are way overdue.  Their ancestors gave free labor as…

Head Start

by Bob Zdenek  I was one of the fastest kids in my class till the 4th grade when I started needing almost annual leg surgery to remove growth calcium deposits along my growing bones, called multiple exostosis.  This slowed me down significantly even though I was able to adjust and play competitive sports in high…

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